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Wherever we go, we meet more and more people who are curious about wine. They tell us that the more they learn, the more this curiosity turns into a lifelong passion. We believe it’s natural to want to share that passion for wine with the people you love. 

Here at WSG, our shared passion for authentic wines of place and the winemakers who produce them has tightly bonded us together. It’s easy to understand how, as wine educators, sharing our deep knowledge and experience in wine with our students makes us feel. And as a team we feel grateful to be part of an inspiring global community where the language of wine unites us all. 


Julien Camus


What began as an MBA thesis on French wines, led to a position as Trade Attaché for the French Embassy in Washington D.C. This unexpected sequence of events serendipitously culminated in the founding of Wine Scholar Guild. It was 2005, and Julien Camus was 25 years old.  

Julien is the soul of Wine Scholar Guild. With a deeply rooted respect for the wine producers of France, Italy and Spain. He inspires the WSG team with his unwavering dedication to terroir and authentic wines of place. 

His obsession with wine is almost palpable, championing those who devote themselves tirelessly to the land, soils and vines they cultivate. Julien has made it his mission to advocate for these artisan vignerons and the wines they produce.  

Always on the hunt for life's simple yet transcendent pleasures... a good wine shop, an excellent épicerie, a bistro with a stellar wine list and porcini mushrooms— Julien can spot them alongside the road while driving in the Vosges Mountains!  

If Julien were a wine, he'd be a granitic Riesling— lively, luminous and generous as this noble grape. 

Julien is a "Future 50" award winner, recognized by WSET and IWSC to acknowledge professionals under 40 who have made a significant contribution to academia, social responsibility and innovation in the world of wine. 


Céline Camus

Office and Finance Manager

If Julien is the soul of Wine Scholar Guild, Céline is undeniably its heart.  

Steadfast in her support and dedication for the team and WSG mission to educate students on the work of passionate vignerons; those who profoundly embody their craft in everything they do. 

A benevolent soul, she's the nurturer of the team, always ready with little moments of joy for those she holds dear. 

Born and raised in Colmar, the capital of Alsatian winemaking. If Céline were a wine, she would be a Muscat from where else but Alsace. Humble, fruity, floral and fresh.  

Céline finds her Zen in the joy of others, whether it's in her love cooking, hiking, yoga or the pride she takes in her daughter and family. 


Preston Mohr

Managing Director

Just as Julien was setting the stage for WSG in 2005, Preston Mohr was setting foot in France for the first time, moving to Paris from the U.S. to study Art History. 

A young Francophile, Preston long adored the food and wine culture of France. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, he founded his own successful business, educating travelers on where and how to explore the intricacies of French gastronomy.  

After earning his DipWSET and working for a world-class wine estate in Bourgogne, he eventually crossed paths with WSG. From this first encounter, Preston was so impressed by the "human side" of the company and ownership that he decided to join the team full-time. He hasn't looked back since. 

Prior to becoming Managing Director, Preston was Sales and Marketing Director. Preston cares deeply about the organization and the student experience and is always looking for ways to improve the WSG educational offerings. 

His hospitality roots make him the perfect host for an informative journey through the vineyards of France, Italy or Spain and he is the first to assert that good wine doesn't have to break the bank—it just has to capture your senses. 

If Preston were a wine, he would be a 100% Rolle/Vermentino from Sardinia, Corsica or the South of France—soft, floral and fruity but with enough character to make you stop and take note. 

Preston's wine ethos: "choose a restaurant based on what you want to drink -- not what you want to eat."


Andrew Jefford

Academic Advisor

Andrew Jefford is the sage voice of logic and reason—a literary alchemist transforming the science of viticulture into poetic insight. He provides editorial advice liaising between key creators and commentators. 

Quick to draw on the merits of science surrounding viticulture, soils and the implications of terroir. Andrew's pragmatic perspective and poetic prose offer a depth of understanding to the intricacies of the region-specific wines celebrated by Wine Scholar Guild. 


Andrew is 'the wine writer's wine writer.' His enduring career has won him numerous accolades as an author, journalist and contributing editor for prestigious publications such as The Financial Times and The Guardian; as well as Decanter and World of Fine Wine, where he continues to write the 'One Bottle' column. He is also the Co-Chair of the Decanter World Wine Awards, the world's largest wine competition. 


His seminal work, The New France (2002), remains a cornerstone in the library of any oenophile and his most recent work, aptly titled Drinking with the Valkyries, was published in 2022.  


His influence is irrefutable, often behind the scenes, he lends an unmistakable finish and finesse to everything WSG publishes. Yet, his best insights come from a natural inclination to question norms and his penchant for probing depth has found an unconventional outlet: social media. There, Andrew crafts evocative haiku, uplifting social platforms from tools of self-promotion to canvases of art. 


Forget grapes; Andrew started making wine with nettles, elderflowers and carrots at age 16. Fascinated by fermentation, he was passionately brewing potions in demi-johns strewn across his living room.  


In this spare time, Andrew can be found walking in the mountains or listening to music, but never at the same time. Nature deserves its own playlist. For Andrew, music, like wine, is a universal art form. Complex, enriching and essential for a life well-lived. 


Christopher Martin MW

Director of Education

After achieving the esteemed Master of Wine (MW) title in February 2024 and an illustrious career in wine education spanning Europe, the U.S. and Asia; Christopher Martin assumed the role of Director of Education at Wine Scholar Guild (WSG)

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Chris has a profound passion for wine and extensive expertise in education as reflected in his MW thesis title: Developing effective wine educators: Integrating the theory of pedagogical content knowledge into wine educator train-the-trainer programmes. For Chris, joining Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) was a natural next step given his 18 years spent working as an educator including eight with the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) as Head of Educator Development.  

Initially drawn to WSG’s commitment to providing high-level and in-depth knowledge about key wine countries, Chris is eager to contribute to the WSG mission of excellence, authenticity and sense of place. Christopher's mission is to make wine education as dynamic and engaging as the wines themselves. At WSG, he infuses educational programs with his impressive knowledge and insatiable curiosity, inspiring both newcomers and seasoned professionals. 

If Christopher were a wine, he would be a Savennières – layered, vibrant, enduring and sophisticated with a playful twist. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, reading and writing fiction. Christopher's guilty pleasure is sour gummy candies, which he has sampled from around the world and even categorically ranked—a testament to his attention to detail.  


A storyteller at heart, Chris believes in the power of wine to connect people and places, making him an inspiring mentor and a visionary in the wine education community. 


Sharon McLean

French Programs Director

For Sharon, it was love at first sip – a Rioja Reserva with a friend, after a dash through the rain at Piccadilly Circus. However, it was her first wine education course that really captured her heart. As someone who considers herself a lifelong learner, what started as “leisure time” studying wine while raising two young children, quickly evolved into a lifelong passion. 

As you can imagine, Sharon quickly found she was right at home with WSG. 


Sharon McLean is a French Wine Scholar, Italian Wine Scholar, Certified Sommelier, DipWSET, accomplished wine writer, judge and instructor teaching Wine Scholar Guild courses in her spare time on Vancouver Island. She also coordinates and teaches WSG Master-Level and French Wine Scholar instructor-led programs online. 


Surrounded by WSG colleagues who match her enthusiasm and zeal, this is a woman whose commitment to wine knows no bounds – once spending four whole days researching winery hygiene protocols! A testament to her thirst for knowledge and fact. 


Sharon wears multiple hats within the WSG organization and we are forever grateful for her soft Scottish Brouge and strong leading hand to guide us down the long and winding road of wine education. 


Andrea Eby

Italian Programs Director

 It was a love of history and geography that first lured Andrea Eby away from a formal teaching career to her current role as wine educator at WSG. Here, she helps others discover their own path traversing the wine regions of Italy.  

As a self-confessed lover of Italian culture, food and wine; Andrea happily compares herself to a bottle of Fiano –full-bodied, slightly nutty, and growing ever more fascinating with age.  


A woman of the earth, Andrea’s childhood spent on a farm bestowed her with a unique skillset and practical wisdom which perfectly complements her wine and viticultural expertise. Andrea has worked as a wine buyer, cellar hand and is an accomplished wine educator, writer and judge at competitions such as the International Wine & Spirits Competition, International Wine Challenge and Vinitaly 5 Star Wines. 


Andrea is the Italian Programs Director for Wine Scholar Guild and co-author of the WSG Italian Wine Essentials program. She is also a DipWSET, Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador, Certified Sommelier and Stage Two Master of Wine student—the ultimate testament to her dedication and love for wine, not just as a libation, but as a connector of people and stories. For Andrea, there is an unspoken understanding that the true essence of wine lies in the moments and people it's shared with. 


Rick Fisher

Spanish Programs Director

Picture the moment: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, 1999. A youthful Rick Fisher savors the first of many Spanish wines that would eventually inspire his career with WSG. A delightful DO Ribeiro white, paired with local Tetilla cheese. In this instant, a lifelong love for Spanish wine was born. 

Much like the lively and colorful wines of Spain, Rick brings an infectious enthusiasm to his role as Spanish Programs Director. While Julien and Rick may spar for which country produces the best wines; they concede on their common affection and appreciation for wines that express the uniqueness of a terroir, the singularity of the vintage, and the personality of the vigneron.   


Rick developed the Wine Scholar Guild’s Spanish Wine Scholar™ study and certification program. In addition to being an educator and writer, he is also a wine judge, Certified Sherry and Rioja Educator with an MBA to boot. 


Rick isn’t just royalty in the WSG wine world; his lineage traces back to Catalan nobility, a fitting background for a man who brings an aristocratic flair to his work.  


If Rick were a wine, he would be a Grenache: adaptable, light, fun, but packs a spicy surprise when you least expect it.  


Rick's advice for anyone starting their wine education journey – don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your learning. It is your journey, and you should enjoy every step. 



Lisa M. Airey

Program Editor

As Program Editor at Wine Scholar Guild, Lisa is a fastidious wordsmith and source of wine wisdom. Her colleagues liken her to a walking wine encyclopedia! 

Her principled precision is the stuff of legend. A ruthless editor, Lisa is also a published novelist and avid gardener who happens to live just three miles from famed wine critic and contemporary, Robert Parker. 

Lisa's expertise supports the integrity and standards of excellence throughout all WSG programming. She's worked with a talented list of 'Who's Who' in almost every capacity of the wine trade including Society of Wine Educators, where she co-authored and edited the first CSW Study Guide.  

Knighted by the French government (Ordre du Mérite Agricole) for the development of the French Wine Scholar Program®; she is also credited as an International Bordeaux Tutor through the CIVB, a Certified Burgundy Instructor through the BIVB, and a Certified Rhône Educator through Inter-Rhône. Lisa graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Language and Linguistics, Magna Cum Laude. 


Nancy Reynolds

Program Support

After 30 years in IT, Nancy swapped her keyboard for a corkscrew. Now she’s our French wine guru who can decode a Bordeaux label faster than a firewall breach. 

As a student, Nancy took the plunge into WSG first as a Bordeaux Master before moving on to successfully complete almost every WSG Scholar Program. Her transition to the WSG Education Department was a natural fit. 

She's earned her WSET Diploma, is a certified Bordeaux Tutor through the École du Vin de Bordeaux, a Rhône Master through Inter Rhône and a Portugal Academy instructor through Wines of Portugal. She’s now the tech support for your wine education who knows the ins and outs of every program. 

If Nancy were a wine, she'd be Le Musigny – elegant yet structured. A wine that commands your attention but remains exquisitely balanced. Nancy once spent 8 weeks in France on four different wine trips. If that doesn’t scream 'wine enthusiast,' we don’t know what does. 

Don't let her sophisticated palate fool you. She’s got a 3rd-degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. She is motivated in more ways than one. 


Quentin Sadler

E-learning Manager

A miss-spent youth in Spain gave him a love of wine and in his 35 years, and counting, in the wine business Quentin has done pretty much everything. His main focus for the last twenty years has been as a wine educator, wine writer and blogger. This in turn led him to use his love of design to create maps that he could use in his courses and on his blog. Map making for books and presentations grew to become the major part of his work.

As Head of E-learning, Quentin is in charge of designing the most interactive and user-friendly platform possible for WSG Students. As part of his work for WSG, Quentin had also created the maps for both the Spanish Wine Scholar and the Italian Wine Scholar Prep courses.

Quentin completed all Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)®, up to the Diploma. He continues to teach and write and is often found judging wines all around the world.

Valentine Touzeau

Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager

Valentine was born and raised in the heart of Bourgogne, France. 

Before finding her calling in the wine world, Valentine worked to make the world a better place in sustainability and social economy. She now uses those skills to cultivate a community of diverse and dedicated wine students and Scholars. Valentine is responsible for building WSG's family online, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.  

She is most inspired when introducing new friends and colleagues to wines of her birthplace including a Volnay 1er Cru. For Valentine, the joy of wine is better when shared.  

If Valentine were a wine, she would be a Meursault, effortlessly blending comfort with complexity. 

Valentine is a life-long learner, eternally exploring new ways to communicate the beauty of wine. She earned her WSET Level 3 after spending seven years in the circus where she mastered the art of the unicycle.  


Mary Kirk

Study Abroad Manager

Mary's first brush with wine was the rosé hued water of her childhood. Growing up between the U.S. and France, Mary is a French Sommelier-Conseil and DipWSET, teaching Wine Studies at Ferrandi Gastronomic school of Paris, as well as the French Wine Scholar™ program at the Butler Academy in Paris. 

Mary loves life and her enthusiasm is contagious. A woman whose very essence sparkles with effervescence. If she were a wine, she would be a Champagne, of course. The embodiment of bubbly, exuberant, charm with a layered undercurrent of depth and complexity.  

At WSG, she's the person who takes you abroad not merely just to introduce you to the wines of France, Italy, or Spain. Rather, she invites you into the intimate universe of vignerons—those individuals who pour their very souls into every bottle they produce. It is here that you truly feel and appreciate the vineyard soil beneath your feet.  

A mother and an aspiring mermaid, Mary believes in embracing the life you're given, one glass at a time. 


Justin Martindale MW

Membership & Community Manager

Some people possess a natural born talent. A Grade 8 clarinetist and pianist with an advanced degree in classical music, Justin Martindale is one such individual.

Justin’s talent transcends the orchestra, only to be outshined by his passion for wine. Specifically wine education, where he has spent over a decade of his career running a top wine school in Edinburgh. It was through this experience that Justin encountered Wine Scholar Guild and, impressed with the niche that they have created in the wine education space, was compelled to join the team.

A eureka moment for Justin occurred while tasting a bottle of Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet early in his career while working for Majestic Wines UK. The aromas of ‘baked apples’ and ‘smoky bacon’ were a revelation and a turning point for Justin, deepening his understanding of and commitment to uncovering wine's intricate profiles.

If Justin were a wine, he’d be a Vintage Port – sweet with an acidic bite, happily served with a cheese platter during festive gatherings. Outside the world of wine, Justin is an outdoor adventurer, often found rock climbing or exploring the rugged beauty of the Scottish mountains.

Justin's wine philosophy: the harmonious blend of good company, memorable settings and perfectly paired wines. His role as Membership Manager at WSG complements this as he is always looking for new and inspiring ways to share his creativity and wine knowledge.

Justin’s guilty pleasure? A bag of sharing crisps, an unassuming joy that reflects his down-to-earth personality and belief in the simple things of life.


Andrea McEwan

Customer Care and Student Support Manager

A serendipitous meeting with Julien and Céline Camus led Andrea right to the doorstep of WSG HQ in Alsace. She's been the go-to guru for WSG students ever since. 

Andrea is nothing short of sunshine in a bottle. As Support Advisor, Andrea handles the day-to-day inquiries from students and the WSG community. 

From sailing across seas to hot air ballooning through the skies, Andrea's been all over the map. A maritime veteran and social care pro, she moved to France and found a home away from home in the vineyards of Alsace before joining WSG. When she's not running the student support side of WSG; she can be found training for marathons in the foothills of the Vosges mountains.  

Andrea is most inspired by the passion of her colleagues at WSG citing; "when your work is your hobby, that's when the magic happens." 


Emily Zegar

Business Development Manager

Emily’s roots are deeply embedded in the fertile volcanic soils of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where she was born. An environment as rich in viticultural promise as it is in natural beauty. Her early exposure to the vineyards sparked a lifelong vocation in wine; guiding her from the University of Adelaide, Australia, where she honed her expertise with a Masters in Wine Business, to wine related positions across four continents. 

Now settled in France, Emily's role at Wine Scholar Guild combines her passion for wine with her dedication to nurturing a global community of educators. Emily’s journey through wine is a testament to her belief in its power to transcend boundaries, encapsulating history, culture, tradition, language, science and art in each bottle. 


Identifying with the complexity and celebratory spirit of a vintage champagne, Emily embodies the same elegance and vivacity. Beyond wine, she cherishes moments of escape with a good book or finding solace and joy in the great outdoors. 


As a Stage One student in the Master of Wine (MW) program, Emily is perpetually seeking knowledge, savoring both the depth of wine education and the enriching experiences life brings. Always ready to toast to life's next adventure with a glass of champagne in hand. 


Solange Gregoire

School Network and Corporate Partner Logistics

Born and bred in Reims, the capital of Champagne, Solange studied wine and oenology from an early age.  

Raised among grapevines and homemade wine, Solange knew from childhood that her passion lay in the wine world. The journey from crushing grapes with her father to joining the WSG family was "a dream." 

Based in Washington D.C., Solange manages the WSG main office where she handles the logistical support of WSG Approved Program Providers as well as the delivery of certifications.  

Solange’s 'eureka' in wine was sipping a glass of Chateau Montelena after learning about the ‘Judgment of Paris.’ More than just a sip; this was an epiphany.  

Pairing wine with gastronomic delights, Solange adores exploring food and wine literature. If Solange were a wine, she'd be a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC). Noble and rare. As she likes to remind her friends and colleagues; life is too short to drink bad wine.


Peter Vukovic

Chief Technology Consultant

Peter Vukovic's career, initially rooted in creative direction at Ogilvy, took a life-altering turn during a small web design project for a château in Bourgogne. This blossomed into a decade-long obsession, marrying technology with the art of viticulture. Peter soon discovered a profound respect and love for French wine which he found reflected in the French AOC rules and regulations. At WSG, he is captivated by the potential for technology to enhance wine education.

Peter believes in the transformative power of technology to solve challenges and streamline operations, so of course he is our bottle of Puligny-Montrachet, subtly working its magic behind the scenes.

Outside of work, though hiking has recently become his newfound hobby; Peter enjoys travel, reading, and indulging in his love for movies and TV shows and possesses the special skill of writing in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets through his family’s roots in South-Eastern Europe. Peter particularly admires his WSG colleague Andrea McEwan for her patience and kindness in problem-solving, qualities he believes are essential in today's fast-paced world. 

We would also like to thank the dozens of contributing editors, scientific community experts, winemakers and vignerons for their continued support of our mission to educate, empower and advocate on behalf of authentic wines of place and those who tirelessly strive to produce them.    

To the Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers and other experts in their fields, we are forever in debt for your in-depth knowledge and expertise which informs our educational content and certification programs; the experiences shared during our study abroad tours; and your unrivalled passion for authentic wines of place and provenance which inspires our membership community every day. We thank you with sincere appreciation and gratitude. You will always be a part of our  WSG family!   

- WSG Team